Courage is Joy

As far as I'm concern, depression occurs everywhere no limit to the elite or the common. It was understood that this kind of feeling never go easy on an individual. It serves as a hunter, shooting down all stars of happiness in one's heart. It usually happens when one feels no sense of belonging, or unsatisfied against the treat of opponent. Thus, we murmur and blame.

Indeed, there are things which we are not able to gain control of because they are not belong to us. For instance of a saying, we cannot control those feelings towards us yet our own. Somehow my personal thought is that, we can manipulate our feelings that actually influence others. Besides, what can an emotional self benefits?

It is every time pleasant to see people concerns about us but never we wait for more. A person who is always emotional tend to receive more hidden condemnation although loves are shown in front. For people would care until they could care no longer(Don't know how to change us anymore).

Never claim ourselves giving more than others(Although it is never true for we are human, but an encouragement) but always think that we gave not enough. Never befriend with selfish people because you never know when disappointment will strikes. Loving everyone is kind, loving ourselves is wise. Hence, combination of kind and wise is perfect.

Everyone love happy scenes, thus happy self we give. It is a courage to change ourselves.

-Let the picture speaks the thousand words-

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