My elder brother promised that he is going to treat us luxury meal this evening and I can't wait for that moment to come XD It is going to be grand, classy and great! Meanwhile, I have a new goal which is to beat my elder brother's achievement. I'm going to achieve his amount of salary before my 26 and I hope that I could. But first, I'll have to escape ptptn loan payback =P Torpedo KaBooM!

This picture is recalling the days when we as siblings went to play^^ From the left is my elder sister, younger sister, elder brother and me~ Our theme was black =P I wander when will be the next family trip =)

Next, there was a colleagues who came to asked me "Why do you choose engineering? Why? You should go for modeling instead, and seriously, do you ever think of going for modeling?" Haha, I do not dare to think about it. Another torpedo KaBooM!

Then another guy came and saw this picture in my Facebook.
He says "Hey, you looks prettier than your girlfriend. You should be the girl and she be the guy..." !?!?!?!?! EnEn is going to kill that guy if she knows who he is =.= Third Torpedo KaBooM!


reen said...

if u're prettier than En En..
u hv the Edmund potential lioa.. hahar

leo7_lion said...

Tak mau! Mengelikan!!

en said...

whos is that fella!!?? kns..his eye must have problem.. lol XD

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