Circle of Joy


As for translation,

Blessed is because you satisfy
Satisfy is because you appreciate
Appreciate is because you possess
Possess is because you are blessed

This is the message given to my friend as an encouragement. If we want to feel blessed, indeed we need to learn to be satisfied with what we are. Or else, we will always be stressful over what we are pursuing. Let’s take it this way, we are contented with what we are yet if opportunity comes, we shall step onto higher ground.

Satisfactory is because we appreciate. Many times, we look ahead yet we have forgotten the essentiality of looking at ourselves. We pointed our finger at other but never to us, not knowing that all of us are just having the same weakness. Thus we shall understand ours, and spare on others. That’s how we started to appreciate what others do.

Appreciate is because we possess. When someone did something for us, we must not think twice to appreciate. It will be worse if there is no one thinking of you.

Not everyone is carrying the same fate in this world but everyone possesses something. Family, partners, friends... It common for us to aim for more but we are blessed for we already have the current.

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