Keep on Rolling

Many people have different opinion about life but when it comes to facts, no one could denied the uncertainties of time after death or time before first human was born. It was only religions that tell us where lives begun and ended. Thus, is evolution true?

Not to talk about something which beyond our reach, but I'll first discuss about our short life. A healthy man can lives up to an age of 80. A superhuman could be 100 whereas the for normal man is usually 60. However, each of them will come to an end one day. After that, their history become no one's business. Hence what is life? Life is short.

In this era of ours, depression has often occurred among youth. These are mainly due to self dissatisfaction such in achievement, friendship love etc. Emotion is certainly not an easy subject to touch on but one must know how to trust others. Share our thoughts when it is necessary.

Life is short and we know that. Nonetheless, it exists without much people pondering about its reason. Is it merely for some human to enjoy luxuries meanwhile some to suffer poverty? I don't think so. Life is liken to a play on a platform. People enter and people leave with their roles to play. In this stance, what if there is a reward where our roles on stage determines where we will go? The show will definitely ends. If you don't do according to scripts given, you will never get paid. The question is, where is our scripts that lead us to a good paid after the show? At this point, religions demonstrate their doctrines whereas science don't. Which is more worth trying? Which is more risky?

Science believes in evolution but so far evidences are not strong enough. On the other hand, human worships God that cannot be seen by naked eyes for thousand years. Somehow, believing evolution tells no explanation about human soul whereas creation does. Thus which is true? Do you have a soul? I do.


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