Poles apart

I've just rekindled that I have been abandoning my blog for 4 exact days. Thousand apologies guys. For I've checked my daily visitor traffic, there is no sign of deduction that I assume people are looking forward for my coming post XD Hehe...

Today's post will be about "What do you guys think about LOVE?"

Hm... Maybe I can derive it this manner. When someone says he/she loves you, what do you think? I bet everyone will say "HE CONFESSED!" or "SHE CONFESSED!"... Something like that. Indeed, this is what world really is. Everyone is limiting the word 'love' to coupling love usage only.

Not forgetting about parenting love, sibling love... In fact, people often forget. For example, when I say "Your mother love you", they will feel disgusted. (I mean as a Guy)

Maybe it was because I'm a christian that was educated to love one another ever since and I am ought to love my enemy too. So towards me, loving friends is totally normal even in the sense of using the term 'Love' in my speech. I've been practicing this until I came to realize that my friends define love differently =P

Maybe I say Love is Sacrifice, they may say Love is Selfish. I say love others before you, they mean love ourselves before others XD We are having different concept~

In this case, I can no longer use the term 'Love' in my sentence spoken. 'As' this term is limited to couple usage only. I cannot use 'Like' neither~ So toward friends that we love, how should we address it?


PS: I don't know if this happens to English etc but it does happens to Chinese.


Më| §zë said...

when you say love, we think of boy/girl relationship love, why? because we are at a age where we are interested in this kind of relationships. ask a kid of say, 5 years old? he/she'll give you another answer.

i say love is sacrifice, oh how i understand that. i am not ashamed to tell my friends that i love them, but i feel awkward saying to my family. is it because it's already taken for granted? at most i'll be 'love you, miss you' in an sms to my mum and bro.

all religions teach you to love everyone, not just christianity. it's just whether people want to or not. maybe christians are more open in expressing their thoughts and feelings?

i feel i have a lot to give, but i don't know how to express myself, and thus i keep much of it to myself, hence the 把自己的爱藏起来. because when you open up your heart to love, you'll probably get hurt. but isn't this what love is about? i'm so confused.

how would you love a stranger?

leo7_lion said...

Haha... You're right^^ People of our age preserve love for relation more I suppose.

Christian attend church service every week and been taught to love every week. Maybe it was because of that, it had keened into our lives.

When we love someone who doesn't love us, certainly we'll be hurt. But if we love someone who love ourselves, it would be better. Then why does love hurts? It was because we expect something in return. Well, we couldn't really deny the feeling of hoping return, that why often we need someone to express when we are hurt. In all, Love initially not meant to be hurt =)

We could love stranger for example, we could help him/she on guiding roads. Imagine if we were in other country and we were lost. If everyone treat us as someone dangerous due to swindle cases that had happened, wouldn't we be sorry? We can help them but at the same time be careful of ourselves of course. Another example would be, when we're in the bus or train, we are seated and you saw someone at your age but fully loaded, will we not giv him the seat instead? =) I suppose we will^^

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