Fruitful Tree or Leafless Tree

Once there was a teacher, who brought his two students up to mountain hill. They came to a spot where they could see two trees standing in front of them. One was fruitful and fully occupied by leaves, whereas the another was leafless. The great teacher asked his two students, if you were to choose the tree that you like to have, which will you choose?


Which will you choose?


Without hesitation, the first student said 'the fruitful one'. Teacher agreed and he further conveyed that, this tree provides good shade and fruit. One could simply enjoy happiness of life under benefits of this tree.


Which will you choose?


The second student said 'the leafless'. Teacher was astonished. 'Why?' he asked. The student replied. This tree needs tender and care. If I can just realise what I could do to help, to water and to fertilize, it would one day turned as fruitful as the another one.


Certainly in our life, everyone is seeking for happiness. People may think that the second student is a fool for what he needs to suffer, he could just be like the first student. However, true happiness is not when we enjoy benefits but when we see the result of our deeds. The first student might live his life happily ever after with his tree since the very beginning, but the second student can enjoy the moment of witnessing the tree grows and recovers because of what he had done.


Obviously, one was happy because he received, and one was happy because he gave. This story is not simply a story. It tells us our personality. We approached because we want benefits? Or we approached because we want to help?


Which will you choose?


Be honest and you'll know your personality and your friend's. You'll see...


[PS: I'm writing this post in both English and Chinese just to enhance my writing skill...]
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