Geotechnical Engineering Presentation

Alas, I witness the strokes of passionate presenters. When we are talking about presenting, certainly we are marching towards creativity. Nevertheless, presentation by sketch is just too bizarre don't you think? I can't deny their audacity for a minute. Their way of delivering is remarkable yet there is still something missing... Respect.
Well, by acting a sketch. We are shifting our focus into the play, not to the judge. Will he feels offended? I believe he won't since he never really minds professionalism.
Dealing with professionalism, we tackle and convince the audience. We are not entertainers but one who are selling our ideas. I wonder how will our real boss react if we were to sketch out our presentation into a play instead of doing marketing.

Sorry Mr Tan, we heard that you find 'sketches' are interesting but I'm just trying to be more realistic here. University is leading us to the world, isn't it?

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