I'm hungry

Guess what? I'm in BreadTalk. I love bread sense and then eat them~ They are just "Wow!" Nevertheless, I can't afford to have them as daily touch. Simply 10 bucks is unable to fill my stomach.
Are bread filling? Haiz... They are just snack to me~ It's been a long time since I last feel the 'fullness in my tummy'. Every food in KL are so tiny yet expensive, I can barely survive! I wonder why there is no "Banning" trend here, when a restaurant disappoints our stomachs, blacklist em, let them bankrupt.

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Bread is awesome. But sadly, they are just snacks~
This thing actually cost my RM9.80! Gosh! What so special about it huh?
Rm4.30. Snack also... X( I'm hungry....

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