Mp4 Sold!!!

I just sold away my mp4 for RM420 where its original price is RM499.

One day, when I was revising for my last paper. A message rung my IPhone up but I totally ignored it at first. Then followed by a call from the same number =.= Without a thought, I pick it up but the dealer shut the line immediately.

"Is this a fraud?" Recently, we heard cases whereby people miscall you in purpose to occupy your time meanwhile try to cheat your family members telling them that you have been kidnapped for they need the money in turn of your safety.

Nah, I never hope this incident will befall on me XD

After the irritating miscall, I read up the short message since the phone is in my hand.

"I know what you did last summer..."

"Malaysia always summer lar idiot!"

Just kidding, the truth is a guys requesting as if my mp4 bid in lowyat forum is still available. Of course I replied him 'Yes' in no time as I wanted it to be sold. Soon, he told that he wants to have it that day.

Gosh! The last paper is just at the corner! Must I do the trade now?

Argh, I guess this trade is more important =P I then searched for it in and out of my drawers, cupboard, kitchen and find it nowhere. Oh no, where did I placed it last time...

Alamak! Setapak!

Great, I left it at Setapak (KL) but I'm here now at Klang. Well, I guess RM420 is still worth for travel. We made the trade by cash on delivery style in Tesco Kelana Jaya and now... I got RM420!!! ^^v

I was thinking of giving this mp4 to my friend as present initially but after the mp3 incident, I guess it is not a good idea =.=
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