Familiar with this rectangular box above? Alright~ It is innif which is a forum specially provided for Nuffnangers. This is my first time climbing up to top 10 stairs with my post "My First Nuffnang Cheque". Money is indeed a sensitive issue huh~ Hehe...

For those who don't know Nuffnang, allow me to clarify. For those who do know Nuffnang, Let's play^^v

First of all, Nuffnang is a community where all funny naughty beings gather together to 'Suppakk!!" =.= means to chat. In more professional term, we say 'communicate'~ Arr... That's not all we do although it is basically what I do, Nuffnang hold events and parties~ But I never participate =.=swt! The reason of absent is I don't know how to join =P Hehe... Yea, I'm such a pathetic XD

Alright, let's proceed to the sponsors of Nuffnang. Note these three banners below, I'm certain that you guys will find them super familiar. Okay, these three flashy creatures always appear in my site.We call this long thing "LeaderBoard or LB". It is located below my header. I always get this one for CPM only. I don't know why but it is certainly better than nothing. Through the link of this flashy image script in my site (Oxygen), you will be lead into games, contests or service promotions depending on what it projects =)
We call this "Large Rectangle or LR". It is located below my first post but often it refuses to show himself, playing hide and seek huh... Capture him for me by just a simple click when you see him^^ Let's see where it will leads you. Oh yea, all this pictures are not permanent, they will change with respect to time. For example, the next time you see this image, it might not be 'Terminator' but something else.
We call this "Skyscraper or SS". It is located at my sidebar. Same as LR, he is playful. Playing hide and seek too. All in all, this three creature will bring you mostly to games. If you are bored sometimes, seek them to play with^^

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