Maid Cabut

This is a shocking news =0 liken to a Volcano eruption news in CNN!! Haha!! As stated above, 'MS' Maid Escape.

In the past, cases like this happen only when the maids met cruel employers. Now~ Era change, season change, 'Pattern' also change. When the employers treat them too good, they tend to lari more.

Okay, this is what happen. She is young and I mean very young being a first timer at Malaysia. What so special about her is that, the employers treated her as one of their family for her is so obedient (initially) and tiny. McDonald ice-cream is one of her favorite^^ and she does not have to work like the others during weekends. Plus while shopping with employers, she often get new cloths. All in all, she more a daughter than simply a maid.

One year after employment, she received these letters from someone unknown to the employers.

And she fled.

These letters are written in Indonesian Language and they are indeed having me hard time to analyze. Swt!

Blah, the truth! She is 'Ah Hui' (A given Nickname by her employers, my relatives)

Let's enjoy some comments from us the 'Pak Kua' people:
Dad: It should be the agent's trick in order to earn more by fining the maid's family.
Mom: Just two simple letters can buy her away? Wow~
E.Sis: Someone must be 'Bomoh'ing her.
Me: She doesn't know how to enjoy life as a daughter =.=

I believe Irene will write a post about this too^^ I can't wait to read hers.

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reen said...

haha i don really hv the intention to blog it..but ar.. it seems like a good topic..

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