Dota - Raijin Thunderkeg - Storm Spirit Guide

This hero is Mana King. You have to supply him as many mana point as you able to. In order to get a good play, get 2 or 3 Null Talismans first which you increase your mana point. Next, get Mystic Staff, Ultimate Orb and Void Stone for Guinsoo. This will increase your HP, MP, Dmg and most importantly ability to hex. With these key items done, you can now further improve yourself with items such as Buriza, Eye of Skadi and Ahganim's Scepter.

For skills, focus Overload (3rd Skill) and Static Remnant (1st skill) to help you farm. This hero can only kills when you have higher damage. Thus when you are confident with your damaging power, only then you upgrade Electric Vortex (2nd Skill) which works well with Static Remnant. Ultimate, Ball Lighting helps you to chase opponent and the same time to escape.

This hero is powerful when you have sufficient damage power and mana point. Once you get your items done, you'll become a powerful attacker in your game. [Back to Menu]

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