Dota - Anub`arak, Nerubian Assassin Guide

This hero is easy however you must be well prepared with sufficient mana point at the early game. Aim for 3 wraith band at early game. Ancient Tango of Essifation is a starter. Earn as much money as possible and soon you're ready for you key item. Go for Battle Fury first, Satanic or Buriza-do Kyanon. For Battle Fury, buy Void Stone if you still have Tango left. You'll need mana to kill. Emphasize on damage and speed since you have some auto skill to help you killing. Some people would prefer Dagon which is quite a great idea against low life opponents.

For Skills, learn Mana Burn (2nd skill) first to burn every single mana point that opponent has. Then Impale (1st skill) which you use to stun opponent when they're escaping. It goes like this: Mana Burn, Impale, Attack. By repeating this step, you can kill, providing that you have sufficient mana point. Spiked Carapace (3rd skill) is least important which just to increase armor. Upgrade that only when you have 1st and 2nd skills maximized. Ultimate, Vendetta. This Ultimate is useful to both escaping and attacking. If you're not familiar with this skill, just use it to escape. If you're familiar, use it to backstab then do the step mentioned above to kill. Believe me, this hero is easy to use. [Back to Menu]

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