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My elder sister is an animal lover. She often claims that she contributes to WWF but I have no idea how much she actually contributed. Maybe it's really mountainous since WWF has presented her certificate. She always wants me to talk about WWF here and finally I got its logo on my sidebar.

Alright, this is another letter that she has just received today.
Displaying certificate with pride~ Haha... So what was her adoption then? She had three choices: Orang Utan, Panda and Baby Tiger. Well, I think they represent different characteristic^^ Being Orang Utan, you are having funny characteristic. Being Panda, you are having cute personality. Being a baby tiger, you are a...

Here is the baby tiger^^ Ngar~

Tang Tang Tang Tang~

Oh yea, below is a coupon voting to saving our turtles. Turtles... Actually, the world cares and loves for animals, by providing every necessities that it could. Air, water, land, plants...
But why can't they survive? Because someone hunt for them which they skinned them alive, cut their head for their brains. Why these cruelties happen? Why? Shameful lar for I'm Chinese but seeing China doing all these.
This is the least cruel clip from youtube. If you're interested in knowing more of what they do and did, google them.

Some people would say,

"What about the cows, chickens, pigs and sheep? I never see angry comments on the cow slaughter videos on here. Equality people!!!"

Well I say,

"Everything has a limit, they are our natural prey then that's prey. Dogs? Since when we eat them? You say have equality, then why can't we eat you up as well? In fact, they do slaughter human ever since. All these happen because they never know there is a limit to every actions so to those who mention of this 'Equality'."

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