Additional Seat in Car

Often we claim that we have insufficient seats for certain amount of people, we would probably suggest the boot. Nevertheless, none of us had try because everyone was thinking that using the boot is meant to sleep in it with the boot closed.

Tzek!~ Wrong!

Talking about seats, certainly we are bringing up a space that a person can sit up straight. If you do realise, there are 3 additional seat for normal car which is at the boot that we often mention.
We don't have to worry if we might fall out because that space is somehow like a toilet bowl to fit in our butt. Oh, I think I should say stuck in our butt^^
Even if the car dashes in its usual speed, we still don't have to mind ourselves falling out. Hands-free and no grabbing =D
However, the real problem arise when we travel longer distance. We'll feel like shitting after a long butt vibration ride XD
It's hard for us to see the front too, same goes for front to see behind. When accident happen, die also don't know what had happened XD


Baby said...

like that also can ah?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Yeeeekkkk! (to above)
Your Hello Kitty pic is so cute LOL

Now I forgot what I was going to comment! SOrry, Leo :P

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