Correct Way to Clean Window Screen

This is learnt in real life experience^^ Whenever you are in Petrol Station, you should have the chance to grab this magic wand which is able to purify your windscreens. Nevertheless, the correct way of using it must be known.

Below shows an example of the wrong way, follow by the correct way.
a) Wrong way
Scrub! Scrub! Scrub! Horizontal sweep~
Eh? Should start from top and vertically...
Correct or not?... Tezk~ Wrong!!!

b) Correct way
Be steady and professional~ Horizontal sweep from top by first applying water with the sponge side of the wand.
Then remove the water applied horizontally with rubber side of the wand.
See? Clean and clear~

Cleaning Windscreen need technique and technique need practice =) Hahaha~


Yee Lin said...

What makes you said that my way of cleaning is wrong?!?!?
As long as the window is clean then its alright wert?! =p

weihao said...

@@"... i agree with yee lin..:P

leo7_lion said...

Then I should had taken the result of her cleaning and mine =D U know if you don follow the alignment, the water cant 100% removed as it will flow to left or to right when you comb it? Haha... U ask serene la, she also saw the result of improper cleaning method. Got lot spot spot of water

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