A simple Test

You are driving a car in the middle of a stormy night.
You come to a bus stop where you see three anxious persons waiting for public transport.

One is a dying old man in hurry to the Hospital.
One is a doctor who is also once your saviour, you would want to repay your debt that badly even when you see him in your dream.
One is a lady/guy who you want to date with, this might be the only opportunity that you could get to know her/him.

Somehow, you have only one seat in your car.
Who will you choose to pick?

Every answer has its reason behind it.
The old man is dying, you should have safe him.
The doctor had saved you before, this is good opportunity to show your gratitude too.
The lady/guy is your dream live-partner, you probably don't want to miss this chance neither.

Among 200 surveys done, only 1 could speak without giving any reason.

"Pass the car key to the doctor, allow him to fetch the old man to the hospital, I shall stay back to accompany my dream life-partner to wait for public transport together."

Everyone would thought that the reply above is the best answer, but none had think of it at the very beginning.

Sometimes, we have to consider of sacrificing (car key) in order to gain more in the future.

1 comment:

Jayne said...

that's a great answer!somehow i never think of it...sigh...oh ya, thanks for the friends award!

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