Chinese New Year Bad Luck!

Before I started, I would like to declare that I'm not a superstitious person. Somehow, I was in really bad luck.

First, I was fooled by my friend WeiHao about the accident thing. This has made me extremely embarrass and swt =.= I told him that I'm gonna smack him when the school reopen. (just hope I can remember what I'd said when the time comes) It has been general that a blog is to share our true story etc to friends and so... Likewise, cheating and tricks are forbidden =) Although he did apologized, I still wanna smack him!

Second, my pc brain damaged. I wonder if I'm the one who is rushing here or my pc is getting slower. Mechanical stuffs do not grow old isn't it? It's either they are live or dead I supposed. Few years back then, I can still accept it's speed but certainly not now. =.=

Third, lighting stroke my telephone line. It was a heavy rain when thunderstorm was having it's concert in the cloud. Thank God for I pulled my pc plugs in time or else worse things would befall. The next day, we called the telecoms guy to repair our line.
Forth, having nightmares few days straight. This is really bad. I dreamt that I'd lost my vision, lose this lose that. I also dreamt about the end of our world. Terrifying.

Fifth, having a clash on friends visiting. My friends from two sides called me up for house visiting on the same day and sadly I'd to turn one down. I'm not greed in Hong Pao thing, just I don't feel like disappointing anyone.

Sixth, losing money in friendly gambling. No luck means no Ong! People wish Gong Xi Fa Chai but when playing cards, Chai Kuai Hui Lai! It's like out and in effect. Although, I'm not losing much but it's still consider a lose.

Seventh, feel sleepy all day long. Nowadays, I easily get tired. I wonder what's wrong. Maybe it's because of the dreams that I had or something else... Okay, let it be dreams' fault. I don't want to mess up with other matters here.

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Bell's said...

seems like many people having bad luck during cny? i myself had a little accident during 3rd day...but luckily, d person so nice din reali blame me much, and all of a sudden i realized the world is so FRIENDLY ``

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