Cardcaptor Sakura (2000)

Gosh, I couldn't believe that I actually took 6 years to finish this Anime. The fact is I lost its track 6 years ago until the last year end. Basically, it is a story about an ordinary primary school girl who was given a task to collect all magical cards after releasing them from a sealed book. Notice a winged bear above? He is her "stuffed toy" guardian. So what are those magical cards? Find it out.

My rate : It may looks like a for-girl anime but please don't judge this way, its creativity certainly serves 5/5.
Writer : Clamp


Watch Anime [70]: I'd provided you the links to watch and finish this series. They speak in Japanese but there are English subtitles. Please enjoy^^



Xjion89 said...

haha, i oso lost track of Cardcaptor Sakura too!!!!

leo7_lion said...

Just follow the link "Watch Anime" to watch^^

renaye said...

i have never seen this old anime. maybe i should!

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