The Dots of LifeLine

Today’s inspiration is very long. Maybe you can divide into paragraphs to be read in few days time^^
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So what do I mean by the dot of lifeline? In reality, everything in the world including man lives under bondage of time. That’s why we say, all that exists has a beginning and an ending. Life is like a line drawn with its beginning dot and its ending dot.

However, is having this knowledge important? Who does not that life has a start and over? Who does not wants to have a better tomorrow? Thus, what I’m emphasizing today is not the line, but the Dots that forms the line.

These Dots represent the things that we had done each day. By matching them, eventually will become our story of life. For Christians claim that as a Story will be written in the Book of Life by God Himself, to be judged at the end day. Thus until today, how have our dots been going?

Let’s me share my opinion about types of dot that we have in our live.

First type of dot, dot of dialog which also known as dot of conversation. It’s impossible for us, human not to speak in our daily life. How many sentences we usually spoke out each day? It’s uncountable… My meaning of conversation is not limited only to voice communication but also typing and body languages. Well, expressing ourselves through conversation among friends is certainly an easy task. Some even said gossiping and kidding is the only way of life. In order to get attention, for own pleasure we do this. Do we really think so? Let’s put ourselves into a comic book or a novel with our daily dialogs done, what do we think people will judge after reading?

Everyone minds on how people think about themselves. Some people just hate to accept the reality and change. “We are not our own mirror but the others do”. Just step out of the Life Box and see what we’re currently saying. Are we a pleasing character in the story?

Second type of dot, dot of reflects and also known as dot of Thanks Giving. Some people do good deed just to donate their best for other. Well, I’ll not talk about those who are not. So if we are the one who are receiving help, how should we react? Take for granted. For this, I’ll talk about family matter. Nowadays, number of throwing babies is increasing and their parents are nowhere to be found and to be found guilty with. Likewise to our current parents, they can do the same if they wanted to but they did not. With love they bring us a world that we didn’t even pay a single cent to live when we are young. Maybe some could say they should treat us good since they deliver us, but shouldn’t we that been delivered pay back well to them too?

When friends give us something, we know how to thank them. Same goes to our parents who have been giving us uncountable things since the day we born; our thanks giving can never be demonstrated through what they do not want to have. Dot of reflects also reflects toward friends and our surroundings. After jumping out of the Life Box again, are we a character who gives honor in the story?

Third type of dot, dot of influence which also known as dot of tackling. We do not live in our own story but together with others. Thus if we could see it, we are the InterNET. This net is made by lines that interacts each other all the time. These lines are our lifeline. A good net is where the lines are firmly hold against each other and not trying to cut others. Don’t you think so? Our life interacts as we are living together in the same Earth forming NET to protect each other.

Sadly, not everyone is thinking this way. Many are trying to uglify the NET. Therefore, those who are awake must guide the sleepers. The Earth has never given up on us by giving us the day and night; we too should not give up as everyday sunrise is a new beginning of chance.

If we can control three of those dots above, we’re further ahead than being a normal person who hides among unknowns. We’ll discover the beauty of life.

All in all, we are the one who create our own story but no one has written them. But if 'NO ONE' were to exists, how would HE categorize our character?


niar said...

it's wonderful posting elendil, I like it

Carin said...

Where did you get such an inspiration? That's great, keep it up.

chuck said...

i am kinda agreed with ur opinion too. life just like "little dot", it just depend you and how you going to join all the little tiny dot together and make it into the longest and strength line. Life move on, and appreciate what we having now.

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