Kajang Satay

Talking about Famous Satay, almost everyone would refer to Kajang. Why is Kajang Satay so special? I mean they add something special to the Satay or what. Anyway, today special somehow is Kajang Satay.

Not far away from the KLIA airport you can see this stall -or- don't what it was called.

It was rebuilt not long ago just to get customers like us a better environment for dinning.
The design of this structure and AirAsia's are alike. Something that we would call as bus station.
You can rarely see other races beside Malays. I wonder what's wrong with this place >< At last, this is the one. Satay Kajang that not in Kajang. Same situation for us to see Klang Bah Kut Teh but in KL. Arg, everyone knows things like this wouldn't be original.

Here they are, Satays and side dishes. Satay is on your left, Fish, Goat, Meat, Chicken, Rabbit but no Pork! Right side, compact rice like sushi and cucumbers.

Initially, I was thinking of taking pictures of us eating. But I worried that I'll lose my iPhone as someone next table kept on staring at it. (No worry, not staring at me~) Really feel unsafe doing picturing in such a place.
First snap that I can share, My mom and I. We are not alike right? Perhaps I looks more like my father.

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Dezz said...

I am hungry looking all the foods here-:)

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