Dota - Mangix, Pandaren Battlemaster Guide

This hero is easy but tricky. You can actually do more than just what other did. Get 3 Gauntlet of Strengths and Ancient Tango of Essifation at early game. Earn as much money as possible and soon you're ready for you key item. Just like other strength heroes, go for Battle Fury first, Satanic or Buriza-do Kyanon. For Battle Fury, buy Void Stone if you still have Tango left. You'll need mana to kill. Emphasize on damage and speed since you have some auto skill to help you killing.

For Skills, all skill are important for this hero. You might be thinking of focusing Thunder Clap(1st skill) which slow and damage the target but that's not really a good idea. In fact, focusing on Drunken Brawler(3rd skill) and Drunken Haze(2nd skill) is better. Skill upgrade should go like this: Thunder Clap, Drunken Brawler, Drunken Haze, Drunken Haze, Drunken Haze... This is to help you start killing at early game. Drunken Haze target, hit it with Drunken Brawler effect and Thunder Clap when Haze effect goes weaker. Repeat these steps. Ultimate, Primal Spirit. This Ultimate is useful to both escaping and attacking. If you're not familiar with this skill, just use it to escape. If you're familiar, use Earth to stun and Storm to cyclone while chasing target hero. Fire to keep attacking.

This hero is very fun using. [Back to Menu]


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