Find your twin Brother and Sister!!

If you're not a twin, did you ever think of wanting one? Haha~ I'm not talking about cloning today. Just that sometimes, I find this topic very interesting. If I were to have a twin brother, what will my life be? Imagine waking up seeing your own 4D odject before you, and even to the extend of exchanging class during school. Life would never be bored^^ Don't you think?

-My Story-
During the Bible Camp few weeks ago, I found someone which I initially thaught that they were twins. But in fact, they are not even blood related. Hah! I'm not going to forgive myself for not taking their picture.

Here they are,
If I'm not mistaken, the left is from Seremban and the right Johor Bahru. What surprise me the most is their laughter, exactly 100% same. 'Similar' can't be applied in this case. In this picture, their degree of smiling were different therefore you could not really notice the 100%. Hm~ Summarily, the colour of their skin=same, eyes=same, forehead size=same, nose=same, mouth=same, face shape=same, ears=same. even height!!!! SAME!!! What different is their gender and age. Left is a boy and right a girl, age of 13 and 14 respectively.

You see, boys and girls at this age seldom mix up. Thus even these two fellows and friends did not realise about the other party. Until the time I asked both of them to have a picture together, they shocked. "Wow" they cried. That 'Wow'ing was indeed something. I mean, Come on! They should be realising this before me as I was only one of their counselors in the camp.

After the incident, they started addressing themselves as twins. Interesting huh^^ Oh by the way, that girl has a younger brother in the camp too, but he isn't really a 'twin' to her. Hah~ Let's enjoy the below picture.
The left one is her brother, whereas the other two, 'twins'. I hope that they are happy to be able to find their identical twin.

So which is better? Twin with same gender or different gender? I think same gender is more fun. If I can find my twin... What should I do? And how about You?


Jordan said...

this is pure madness. I've found my own twin too. Only difference is eventhough at superficial lever we have nothing in common, our charecters are like 99% alike. Now that's also a type of twin.

leo7_lion said...

Character alike? Cool~ Can you post about it? I would like to read ^^v

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