Master Aerobic

Before reading the rest of my post,
let's stretch your muscles a little.
Get ready everyone!!~
Here we go~
1 2 3 4~
First your arms~
Get around the world~
Then your waist~
Shaped a moon together~
Next your legs~
Fling Flang Flung~
When you get tired~
Just get yourself a rest~
How to rest?~
Nah, like this~
Rest enough?~
Not enough?~
Get yourself to sleep then!~
Just like this~
~ Zzzzz~

Hahaha~ Just kidding. Anyway, this kid is very flexible. I'm so envy as I couldn't even touch the ground with my fingers. Anyway, this range of flexibility is beneficial when you're playing hide and seek. You can actually hide into a suit case. Haha~

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