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I believe you all know that blogging can helps to earn side income rather than just posting what we feel like posting. In fact, many of just us start joining adsense and others in order to achieve what we want. However, don't you think PPC event is not so effective compared to PPP event?

Talking about PayingPost, we can actually get paid by posting interesting stories. Don't you think this can be helpful meanwhile practicing your writing skill to produce attractive post? We post to express and of course sometime impress^^ We want to share to people of what we think. One thing good about blogging is that the reader may not know us in real life and that is why we are more confident and brave to speak out thoughts. Waiting for response~ Waiting for compliments~ And then comments come, readers as our self-mirror examine us and help us out. That is the way^^

Anyway my post today is about PayingPost, I don’t feel like going out of topic. Haha… Through surveys done by pool, I found that most of the people including me prefer to read more on information and thought posts. Thus, indirectly it helps to drive traffic. PPP event is like advertising on blogs. You helps to advertise and at the same time being advertised. Another words, blog marketing.

PayingPost pay us by PayPal which is very safe and worldwide. Some of us might be worrying if sending cheque would be a little risky you see. Cheque might get lost and it will definitely be a lost to us^^ People may address this kind of activity as making money blogging but for me, I think it is an opportunity of learning. We are going to post something anyway in our life, why not try adding some spices to the dish and get everyone a delicious and scrumptious meal.

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