A Change is Possible

People say nothing is impossible but in fact we can't raise the death aren't we? Well, this reality can not be denied and therefore this phrase has seems to be losing its power. Don't you think? Indeed, things may be impossible yet not all things are. Have you heard about Ripley's Believe It of Not and Guinness World Records? Many incredible things are actually done by man. How did they do that? The keyword: Have faith.

Having faith is by the meaning of giving yourself a chance to achieve. Never think that you can't, just that everyone has their way of learning and achieving. Certainly, yours and mine are different.
My case, I never have a piano and don't even think about me learning it. However, I'm interested in knowing how to play. For me who have a God, I pray that He will grant me this special talent so that I could actually play like a real pianist =) Understanding that He'll guide me, I started asking people and practicing wherever there is piano available. After few years and random months of self-training, I finally get my keys done and my music to play. Thank God and Cool! I said to myself. I realised, giving ourselves continuous chances is very important for growth. I never achieve what I'm having now by just a few practicing and errors but in fact thousands of them.

Dear readers, please do need give up your dreams although sometimes it might seems to be unachievable.
Light is always surrounded by dark but it will never be devoured by them. When there is a will, there will be your light. Have faith.


niar said...

dear elendil,
your posting at a present is really nice. I like to read it, and know what you've thought and feel. I hope this is become a new beginning for you to always believe and keep your faith about everything in this world. Because as a human being, everyone have an opportunity to get something they want, and it's up to our effort and belief.
btw, I ever read a wise words from my blogging friend (Lorflor): Faith draws the poison from every grief, takes the sting from every loss, and quenches the fire of every pain, and only faith can do it.

3POINT8 said...

This is cool quote:
'Light is always surrounded by dark but it will never be devoured by them'

T-Reviews said...

Thanks for coming to my blog and you are welcomed anytime!!! Your blog is really great, quoted with a lot of inspirations and interesting phrases. Really enjoyable. :)

Jason Law said...

Hey man ! I had the totally same situation like yours ~!

I never had a chance to learn any music instrument when I was small..Then, I am so deeply interested in Piano during form 4 time. And I couldn't get myself a piano for so many years...

Finally, after trying out so many ways to get it...Most are failed. But I managed to get a school loan just to BUY the PIANO

WoohOO! so excited ! although not a good one, at least I am learning it...

Come'on man...let's pick up the piano skill while we are still able to do so ^^!

Good job man !

Elendil said...

Thanks for compliments^^ I appreciate^^ I'll try my best to do better.

Jason Law said...

like you said,never give up ! I should go and practice too ..

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