Ah Kok Chicken Rice

I wonder if you love to eat chicken rice. There is a place in Klang which is very famous with chicken rice just opposite Klang The Store. Come to try^^ Anyway, this place may not look clean but the foods are. No worry~
Many Klang people come to eat here. See the Label above the stall? They changed the initial name and this is how they do it. Hahaha, save money. By the way, eating too much chickens will turns you fat. This is what I heard from my teacher at secondary school. I don't know whether it's scientific proven not but just to believe her. Haha~
The chicken is cooked under secret recipe. After tasting these juicy chicken meats, you won't enter chicken rice shop anymore. Moreover, eating here is cheaper too.This is Chia Sio~ Eh no! Sio Bah~ Also very tasty but still I love their chicken the best. There are some rices split on the table. Accidentally snap them along =P
The rice amount is just normal but definitely you'll ask for more when eating. Wow~ The best chicken rice I ever eat^^


Dezz said...

Oh wow! you have yummy food here too.

Btw friend, I cook almost everyday hehe.I really love to cook and try new recipes. Sometimes I am run out what to cook hahaha..

It's nice to try new things isn't?

tc and have a nice day,

bluedreamer27 said...

wow they are so tempting you know hehehe
can i have some
its nice to be here at your site by the way
i just put your link in my blog roll so that i can visit you here again
have a great day an more power

Jason Law said...

arhh...chicken rise. I take it very often when attending the class, not much options.. But those chicken rices are not nice. Hope to eat some famous one, but this is just too far away from me

Elendil said...

I'm not boasting but this chicken is really something called delicious^^

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