Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (2002) - Blizzard

Warcraft III projects a world of battles among four races. Humans, Orcs, Night Elves and Undead. There are heroes in each race who act as leaders and have special abilities where they could lead his army to battle. Initially, Humans and Orcs were opponents. However, they had soon come to face with a greater challengers which are Undeads, the aliens. Knowing the danger, Night Elves immediately arise to group up Humans and Orcs to fight against the Undeads. Undeads must be stopped, or else the world will comes to its end.

A race that has a standard adjustment on everything. Special units are usually supportive and healers. Buildings are defensive. Gain support from Blood Elves.

A race that has a faster building rate. Special units are usually attackers. Buildings can do a returning damage to melee attackers when upgraded. Gain support from Goblins.

Night Elves
A race that had an advantage of gaining woods without chopping trees. However, a builder is sacrificed for an evolution of constructing building. Most of Night Elves units has the ability to turn invisible at night-time. Some buildings are able to move and fight.

A race that has the ability to summon buildings where they will be constructed on their own. However, they must be summoned on the creep land exclude goldmines. The throne has the ability of long-range attack.

This game can be played in Campaign mode(Story mode), Multiplayer mode(Online Battle) and LAN mode(Local Area Network).


Useful Cheat Codes:
Enable research
Fasten Build Speed
Cancel food limit
Cancel all cooldown time
Gain 500 gold and 500 lumber (add amount by adding number after the code)
Instant victory
All units gain unlimited mana
All units become invincible and kill target by one hit
Reveal the entire map
Upgrade Everything 1 Level
Re-enters the last code you typed.

This game further story continues in the frozen throne. In fact, this session ends with Undead defeat. The three races experience the unity and the world regain its peace.


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