Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire (1998) - Sierra

Quest for Glory V the RPG computer games projects the life of the chosen one who are going to safe the country that will be soon destroyed by the awakening of a giant dragon. Although having the dragon sealed the only way the country would be safe, peace itself won't last when the evil one is trying to break the seal.

Should the country be saved?
It would greatly depends on the player.

In this adventure game, player has the ability to choose his character's career path which are paladin, fighter, wizard and thief. Each career path had its own strengths and weaknesses. Every class is unique in the story line which would lead to different solutions in the game.

The Hero
A hero in four lands. Brings peace where ever he goes.

His hobbies include killing every sort of monster there is and becoming champion fighter. Fighter's best weapon is the Dragon Slayer Sword. If you want a Warrior get him the Magic Axe or Wurmbane Spear.
Started out as a magic user that had much to learn.Wizard's best weapon is the Magic Staff.
If you are going to save others why not help yourself out also? That's what the thief thinks. He wants to become Chief Thief by finding the legendary Blackbird. Thief's best weapon is the Slasher Dagger.
The Paladin puts others before himself. He is anti-thief. Becoming the most honorable is the Paladin's dream. Paladin's best weapon is the Paladin's Sword.

Elsa Von Spielburg
She is in Silmaria and after the same crown The Hero is after. Elsa's best weapon is the Magical Bow.

Magnum Opus
A man that is very obsessed with himself. He is also after the throne. He is a big man that knows much about martial arts. Don't worry you can beat him. Trust me.

Gort is a dead man revived by the local scientists. He may be forced to try to be King by the scientists but soon he'll leave them and help you. He may not look smart but he is full of heart.

A local Silmarian guard who wants to serve Silmaria a better way. He is also after the role of King.

The new guild master for Silmaria's adventurer's guild. Toro is also not the brightest but he is one of the nicest. Toro's best weapon is the Minotaur Axe.

The famous mage Erana has been dead for many years. With the help of a hero and his choice she will once again feel the beauty of life from Hades.

The evil Wizard waiting in Hades. She is not freed from her past non-life. The thing she wanted to get away from comes back to her. Will you free her spirit so she can be free from evil and vamprism and still live once again?

If you like sleepy her start hitting on her. She can be married. Nawar lets you play the get rich quick Wheel of Fortune game.

The fat sleezy sister of Nawar. She sells you drinks which raise stamina.

The Wizard that summoned you to Silmaria.

Someone get Fenris a good humor bar! Now Fenris just gets in the way and annoys you.

One of the greatest, strongest, and most honorable lion. He helps the Paladin to get the mighty Ring of Truth.

Rakeesh's lost son is now found. Shakra runs the magic shop.

Arestes runs the Thieves' Guild.

The slimy man who own Dead Parrot Inn.

The thief you met back in Blue Parrot in Raseir. He is the friend of Ferrarri. He is also the nephew of the Chief Thief in Mordavia!

Salim runs the apothecary shop.

A tree from Shapeir that heals you and sometimes gives you magic seeds.

A centaur that is searching for the new King to rule over the country


Paladin, Wizard and Fighter Steals
Upon using paladin, wizard or fighter, add some state for thievery so that you can gain extra money in the game.

Getting Infinite Items
Choose an item you want to duplicate in your inventory, and drop it. While it's still in the air, press 'I' to open your inventory again. The item will still be there. Go on with your dropping act. This trick cannot applied when the item hits the ground.

Max Out Honor
''bribe'' the guard and lose one drachma and get one honor point at Parrot Inn entrance when night comes. Repeat until you stop receiving honor points.

Some Honour boosting acts
> Give money to Cat musician (forgot name).
> Give flowers and candy to Nawar or other women repeatedly
> Find basket for Sarra
> Sneak into Atlantis without killing a soul (stealth like) and tell
queen of paladin way.
> Help Ann with her inn. Blackbird quest
> Tell Ann about wolfie after you show her picture of balloon
> Ring of Truth
> Catch bank robber and ask healer to heal back arm. Then tell him
about doing good deeds.
> Don't kill the General!!!
> Heal every one that the assian hits with a dagger.
> Arrest the scientists for drugging the wizards
> If you want you could give Elsa credit for killing the hydra

Thieving places
You can break into the house near the arena, u need a torch. Look around and u will find goodies to loot. Feraris's place can be entered later in game. Mess around and you will get it right. Try getting on top of his house from the house near arena. Thieves can only rob him if u give him the black bird so you replace it for a fake to win Chief Thief contest. Other than this, thieves don't have much to do here.

Robbing bank
>From the healers place, head up the stairs.. when u get halfway over, use stealth and sneak behind the guard. Blackjack him, dispose of body. And then use lockpicks on bank. Disarm trap, take money.
>More easy way? Okay, go to the bank and fasten the time till it reaches late night. Save your game and load it again. This time, the banker won't be there. Happy stealing.

Pegasus place
It is located on the top of the map, you can get feathers, and the special water from here. Jump on the seesaw, throw spells or rocks on big rock, and off you go flying! Get back using magnets. Magicians use spells, thieves use your hook.. further explanation ain't necessary, play it. Make sure you have more than 1 amphorae to fill with Hippocrene water here.

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