Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (2003) - Blizzard

After the Undead was defeated in the early session of reign of chaos, peace was in the world. However, Undeads were regrouping their armies once again secretly. Arthas who was a Human turned to Undead when he started to seek more power, the Lich King. Night Elves were doing nothing this time whereas Illidan is the only one who is currently a demon-elf acts to destroying Lich King. Meanwhile, Warden Maiev the prison guard is after Illidan. One power is not enough. Illidan thus call forth Blood Elves and Nagas from their prisons to serve him. Who shall be the winner upon reaching Lich King throne? Arthas or Illidan?

Several updates had done to this session. Each races has one new heroes and buildings. Yet, Blood Elve race and Naga race are still not to be played as they are believed to affect the game balancing.

This game can be played in Campaign mode(Story mode), Multiplayer mode(Online Battle) and LAN mode(Local Area Network).


Useful Cheat Codes:
Enable research
Fasten Build Speed
Cancel food limit
Cancel all cooldown time
Gain 500 gold and 500 lumber (add amount by adding number after the code)
Instant victory
All units gain unlimited mana
All units become invincible and kill target by one hit
Reveal the entire map
Upgrade Everything 1 Level
Re-enters the last code you typed.

This game ends with Illidan defeat. Arthas won the throne and his new plan will be revealed in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

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