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Final Fantasy VII (ファイナルファンタジーVII) projects an adventurous yet touching story of a confused mercenary named as Cloud Strife and his eight friends saving the world from Sephiroth who was trying to be God. Having Aeris Gainsborough as the remaining Cetra, a race closely attuned with the planet, she could worked on to stop Sephiroth's plan. However, she could not make it in the middle of the story when she was killed by Sephiroth instead. With the meteor summoned down by Sephiroth, the planet will be seriously damaged. Will Cloud and the others prevent it? Read Full Story (Game story lies at 0 A.G only)

One special feature about final fantasy is summons, where character has the ability to call forth guardians from other dimension to fight for them. Next, they have Chocobo, a cute creature which can symbolise final fantasy.


Cloud Strife
A young but unsociable mercenary who thought himself as a former 1st Class member of Shinra's SOLDIER.
Limit Breaks
Lv1: Braver (Auto activated), Cross Slash (Activated after using Braver 8 times)
Lv2: Blade Beam (Activated by killing 80 enemies), Climhazzard (Activated after using Blade Beam 7 times)
Lv3: Meteorain (Activated by killing next 80 enemies), Finishing Touch (Activated after using Meteorain 6 times)
Lv4: Omnislash (Buy in Battle Arena)

Aeris Gainsborough
A flower girl who was the key to stop sephiroth and has been pursued by Shinra's since childhood
Lv1: Healing Wind (Auto activated), Seal Evil (Activated after using Healing Wind 8 times)
Lv2: Breath of the Earth (Activated after killing 80 enemies), Fury Brand (Activated after using Breath of the Earth 7 times)
Lv3: Planet Protector (Activated after killing next 80 enemies), Pulse of Life (Activated after using Planet Protector 6 times)
Lv4: Great Gospel (Get Mithril in Costa Del Sol with total battles has two last digit same etc, 244 or whatever. Present Mithril to a guy in a hut in rightside of Gold Saucer and go to the second floor to open the chest to get Great Gospel)

Tifa Lockhart
A childhood friend of Cloud's and was rumored as his girlfriend
Level 1:Beat Rush (Auto activated), Somersault (Activated using Beat Rush 9 times)
Lv2: Waterkick- (Activated after killing 80 enemies), Meteodrive (Activated after using Waterkick 7 times)
Lv3: Dolphin Blow (Activated after killing next 80 enemies), Meteor Strike (Activated after using Dolphin Blow 6 times)
Lv4: Final Heaven (Play the piano correctly in Tifa’s house in Nibelheimand 'X, S, T, R1+T, R1+S, X, S, T, R1+X, O, X, S, X')

Barret Wallace
Leader of the anti-Shinra rebel group AVALANCHE and father to Marine
Limit Breaks
Level 1:Big Shot (Auto activated), Mind Break (Activated after using Big Shot 9 times)
Level 2:Grenade Bomb (Activated after killing 80 enemies), Hammer Blow (Activated after using Grenade Bomb 7 times)
Level 3: Satellite Beam (Activated after killing next 80 enemies), Anger Max (Activated after using Satellite Beam 6 times)
Lv4: Catastrophe (Get from a lady wearing a hat in North Corel in the hut)

An experimental creature by Shinra scientists
Lv1: Sled Fang (Auto activated), Lunatic High (Activated after using Sled Fang 9 times)
Lv2: Blood Fang (Activated after killing 80 enemies), Stardust Ray (Activated after using Blood Fang 8 times
Lv3: Earth Rave (Activated after killing next 80 enemies), Howling Moon (Activated after using Earth Rave 6 times)
Lv4: Cosmo Memory (Beat Lost Number located in the Shinra Mansion in the safe at the top left part of the second floor. Key to open safe in 20sec 'right to 36,ok,left to 10,ok,right to 59,ok, right to 97)

Yuffie Kisaragi
A Wutai skillful ninja and also a young material hunter
Lv1: Greased Lightning (Auto activated), Clear Tranquil (Activated after using Greased Lightning 8 times)
Lv2: Landscaper (Activated after killing 80 enemies), Bloodfest (Activated after using Landscaper 7 times)
Lv3: Gauntlet (Activated after killing next 80 enemies), Doom of the Living (Activated after using Gauntlet 6 times)
Lv4: All Creation (Beat Godo in the Wutai Pagoda)

Cid Highwind
A pilot whose dreams of being the first man in outer space
Lv1: Boost Jump (Auto activated), Dynamite (Activated after using Boost Jump 9 times)
Lv2: Hyper Jump (Activated after killing 80 enemies), Dragon (Activated after using Hyper Jump 8 times)
Lv3: Dragon Dive (Activated after killing next 80 enemies), Big Brawl (Activated after using Dragon Dive 7 times)
Lv4: Highwind (Found in lab room in the crashed Gelnika plane underwater)

Cait Sith
A robotic cat who rides a moogle doll doing fortune-telling
Lv1: Dice (Auto activated)
Lv2: Slots (Activated after using Dice 8 times)

Vincent Valentine
An immortal who was brought back to life by scientist after death as a member of Shinra's Turks
Lv1: Galian Beast (Auto activated)
Lv2: Death Gigas (Activated after killing 60 enemies)
Lv3: Hellmasker (Activated after killing next 60 enemies)
Lv4: Chaos (Get Vincent to the Waterfall ring and inside the waterfall, walk up to the alter)

A strongest soldier who disappeared and a greatest threat to planet

The story ends with Sephiroth defeat but Cloud and his friends were too late from save the world. The great meteor approached the planet surface and suddenly strong forces of life stream appear to counter it. It was Aeris!!

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