Rabbit's Pose

What can you see in these pictures?
[A fat rabbit and an apple]

How about this?

[A fat rabbit and a half-eaten ugly apple]

Actually I was trying to shoot down the whole process of her eating the apple,
but my camera just failed to operate suddenly.
Until the time I managed to fix it,
the apple was already a half goner.

Please refer to the lower picture one more time.
You'll see there's a distance between her and the apple.

She Was Posing When I AiMed The Lens At Her!!!
Oh My Goodness!!

After one shot, I decided to take the next one when she eats.
But she wouldn't move at all!! Har?
Does this rabbit knows that this thing I was holding is a picture producer?

I was soon bored with her unmovable pose.
So I brought my camera straight for image transfer.

Guess what?

She ate...
She finished the whole apple and
even the seeds were unseen.

This is her.The fat funny rabbit.


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