Trying to be Nice

Trying to be nice is a form of wisdom and actually an extremely difficult task. We know that everyone has weaknesses and everyone has their limits. If you appeared to be the stronger one, you ought to endure and tolerate.

First of all, what is the definition of trying to be nice?

The negative level
When one want to do something practically for himself, one says it is for the sake of others.
This is what we call excuse. In this case, one usually convince others to follow his decision and he claims it as for benefits of others. He often tries to be the leader and he definitely have this characteristic: Become angry when people anyhow do not to follow his way.

The datum level
When people do not need it, one offers it as he thought they need it.
This is what we call extra. Never can we claim we helped because he never needs. It is also said that help is an expression of wanting from others where in this case, there is no wanting occur.

The starter level
When people needs it and asks for it, one offers it.
This is what we call offering. This is the most basic from of trying to be nice.

The growing level
When people needs it but never asks for it, you choose when to give and not to give.
This is what we call learning. We ought to understand the reasons why people do not ask for it. Some people want to handle it themselves, whereas some people are shy to request. If you are in this level, you won't be insisting in offering because you respected him as he is able to handle his own problem. You want him to grow. Besides, insisting is not true manners.

The mature level
When one is being taken advantage of, one kept silent.
This is what we call peace loving. He is willing to endure as just to prevent argument.

The guide level
When one notice wrong doing, he tries to step in.
This is what we call concern. Often we see people doing mistaken but seldom we dare to rebuke them for good. People in this level will try their best to correct the mistakes with or without wisdom. He may raises his voice but never will he gets angry upon people not following his ways but to put on further efforts. People in this level always being loved by the society and he dislikes injustice.

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