Measure ourselves

I often stress that no human is perfect although those who with conscious are trying to be as good as they are able to. In fact, there is no specific method to judge a person whether he is good or bad since good persons has their bad sides, and bad persons has their good sides. It seems that silver line exists between good and evil appears.
As for me, there are certain ways to determine whether we are good enough to be considered good. In this realistic world, we admit that many people tend to be closer to those can benefits themselves only. Well, I'm not saying that this kind of people are bad but on the other way round, these people will determine your value of existence. We know what value we can offer to others and thus at time when we offers nothing, will people still come to us? Here is the point. If others would had come to us because of benefits, we are not someone they treasured as if they could simply find another alternate. However when we can offers them nothing and still they can consider us 'Good Friend', we are indeed being a good friend they trusted. Hence the first question is, how many good friends do we have? And how many 'good friend' tags have been placed upon us?

In a family, are a good child? Nephew of niece? We can examine ourselves by simply listening to what others commented. In a family, are we the best child that our parents have ever had? As for relatives, are we the best nephew or niece that our uncles and aunts have? These are the some of the way that help us to decide where we are.

As mentioned above, no one is perfect and people will be criticized by those who find him not easy with. Thus, never expect everyone to like us but we can know where we are when people can proudly shout out "You are my best!". Not "the best" but "MY BEST".

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