Human Needs Help

When one minds to comment, everything is complain-able.
In my life, many people shared me their stories. Those which are secrets and those which are personals. Perhaps they just want an ear to listen what they express by leaving the problems flee themselves. Somehow, this is not what I do. I want to help by not just listening. They could told me their stories without expecting anything, but I'll help to solve their problems which in fact I did a lot. If I'm the one who they seek, I want make their choice correct... In the end... Who helped me? I now have problems.

But a wise man once told me 'count your blessing, and you'll be contented'.

1 comment:

Aries said...

I am one chatter-box too. I find when people share secrets or stories with me it means that they trust me enough to tell me. I normally will learn something from those stories. So why not continue to do what you like to do - lending your ears to others. They will remember you, trust me.

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