Dota - Uflsaar, Ursa Warrior Guide

Some people think that this hero is tough. Yes, indeed his is tough when you know how to use it. It requires suitable items and skill update. First, let's talk about skills. Focus on Overpower (2nd skill). The built goes by Earthshock Lv1 (1st skill), Fury Swipes Lv1 (3rd skill) then Overpower Lv1-3 (2nd skill) before goes to Ultimate Skill Enrage.

As for Items, focuses on life building items. That should do the trick =) You don't have to purchase damaging items such like buriza or monkey king bar. Aims for Vanguard, Heart of Tarrasque, or Vladimir.

Next if you can control him well, you can be Godlike without a doubt.

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