Dota - Nevermore, Shadow Fiend Guide

You can consider Nevermore as a hero of risk. First of all, you ought to control Shadowraze (1st skill) extremely well. You should focus on Shadowraze as well as Necromastery (2nd skill) in the beginning as to gain extra damage which is extremely important in your early game. Note that your Ultimate Skill Requiem of Souls is greatly depended on Necromastery. Well, Presence of the Dark Lord (3rd skill) should be least focused.

By using this hero, you can save a lot of money from purchasing damaging items. All you ever needed is defensive items such as Lothar Edge. Other defensive items are usefull too as you must prevent Shadow Fiend from dying. If he dies, his Necromastery will be weaken. So keep that in mind.

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