Our Testimony

Often, truth was misinterpreted among third parties and rumors began to rule. And we try to stand up, hoping that we could make things right. Never we ponder about the causes behind that misinterpretation when we fight.

What leads to misinterpretation? Mouth to mouth. It was then realized that people are more likely believing testimonies from second or third party instead of the first. Come to think of it. When the first party is trying to say something for himself, people would have the possibility to think that he's trying to deceive. Yet if he is a second party, people prone to believe his 'analysis'.

Hence I believe, the best way to defend ourselves is to let our neighbor comrade testifies us. For there is a saying "Saying yourself good is no good but praises from others are true value". In this moment, friends are important. They are the one who can protect us.

Treasure them well so that they treasure us in return.


Aries said...

Well, I totally agreed with you. Friends and family members are extremely important. No one can survive living alone for long, can go insane.

LionGirl said...

True. But I believe the truth will always prevail. People will get to know the true you with time. If they don't, I say, you should move forward. Find friends who do not need you to explain or defend for yourself. True friends are people who know you, trust you and believe in you!

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