IQ vs EQ

IQ is basically a measurement of your cognitive skills to learn, to understand and to apply the knowledge logically and analytically towards a situation. EQ is a measurement of emotions and cognitive abilities to apply intrapersonal and interpersonal skills in a situation.

IQ gets you through your education whereas EQ gets you through your life. An EQ person uses his effective reasoning and emotions, knowing why and how to handle situations to the best effort by motivating one another. An IQ person uses facts and figures, knowing only the situation, without having the ability to apply emotions towards human relationships. Thus, a higher EQ person will have more happiness and success in life compared to a higher IQ person.

The level of IQ may sometimes be influenced by the genetic history in a household. We often see quite a large number of professionals within the same family. It may also be a good predictor in a person’s educational performance and a benchmark for the success of a person in the working environment. One thing that the level of IQ does not measure the wisdom, experiences and personal qualities of a person. It lacks the human touch in it and this is why certain high IQ persons were not successful in life.

The EQ Level shows the awareness of a person in understanding the present needs, by using his own realistic judgment and confidence in making a decision. These emotions facilitate a task, thus situations get settled smoothly without much hiccups. It also shows the practicality of a person in setting goals and meeting them without any force. A high EQ person will have the natural instinct in them, sensing the feelings of others, putting himself into their shoes and cultivating the good rapport with the different types of people. These social skills made them a good persuader and negotiator in life. Having the cooperation and teamwork of others eventually becomes their second nature in life.

Maybe some life examples will make things even clearer. Jay has been working as a marketing executive in XYZ Company for more than a year now. The boss liked him a lot as he has high IQ and was analytical and logical in all his reasoning. He absorbed new procedures and learned up new things rather quickly. Unfortunately, he has the superiority complex, making him the gossip and hate amongst the company staff. He lacked the empathy towards the feeling of others. He set a high target for himself and when things did not turn up as his expectation, he will lose his temper and the whole environment will turn sour and gloomy. Most of the time, he worked alone as it was hard for him to get the cooperation and teamwork from others.

Katherine, on the other hand has just joined the same company barely three months. She took quite some time to learn up things but she has the initiative and consistency in improving herself well. Her IQ was average but her EQ level was high. She applied the emotional components in her interactions with others and this made her get along well with the staff. She understood their feelings. With this approach, she was able to influence and motivate her team to strive for the best. There were always flexibility and creativity in her approach in meeting new challenges but there was always the cooperation from the rest of the staff to back her up. Work got done smoother and effectively. She was highly admired and respected in the company.

There are actually no good or bad for having a higher or a lower level of IQ or EQ. There should be a balance for both.

IQ TEST - approximately 40 minutes with 30 questionnaires
EQ TEST - approximately 40 minutes with 70 questionnaires

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