Faith 信

The term 'social butterfly' is referring to those who can mix well in any community. We say he or she is sociable and friends are definitely limitless. Indeed, social butterflies can never give up the ghost since they can easily adept into situations and people used to trust them.

What is their keys for gaining such network?
The word '信'

In Chinese character, 信 means faith. It is the combination of 人(people) and 言(converse). If we do notice, these butterflies speak a lot and are often addressed as talkative. Nonetheless, they speak but the truth and every times out of their hearts. Lies are guilty and never smart. In friendship, they make bonds, trusting friends thus receiving trust in return. This is how it works.

Therefore, if we wants to widen our network, we ought to be truthful and know to approach.

On the other hand, it is true that social butterflies can approach us first but never they will dwell if we are not true towards them. Social butterflies do not settle on flowers that are not blossomed.


Vicky Pang Weiqi said...

oh so that's what you meant by butterflies do not settle on flowers that are not blossom. True also but then, some social butterflies can be superficial. I hope you get what I mean.

leo7_lion said...

Getya! XD

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