Be nice to Others and that would be you

Have you ever face situations whereby someone had made you angry but the offender feels irritated instead of you? Under this circumstance, they'd offended you and you're actually tolerating yet they are unsatisfied with your turn of phrase. At the end of the day, you became the one approaching them with apologies, knowing that you're not the one wrong.

Undeniably, some people are unaware of others feeling upon their actions taken. Hence, being considerate is always being the one taken for granted for we understand the reason behind their actions but never did they understand us. This is what we think.

However, we should be grateful if we can see ourselves being the one thoughtful. May it be us the one being taken for granted but we gain favor in the eyes of many. The one who offended us may eventually continue offend others and they would deserve their treats one day. Hence, never feel sorry for ourselves being good because we are in fact receiving goods in return =)

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