Choose Wisely

In every era that we are living, we ought to make correct decisions which at the end affect our future. This specially applies for friendship. Good friends lead us a secured life whereas for bad friends, although they may bring us the current happiness but permanent pain.

Like what the old mans say, a friend would care about how you feel when an action is taken. Will you be hurt? Will you be happy?

In my history, there is a moment which made me really stood up for my friend bravely. That time, we 'friends' were taking alcoholic drinks. One of them became unconscious whereas the rest came up with an idea fooling with him. I knew this kind of play was wrong and I was wanting to stop them. Fortunately, the play did not run as they planned which I then relieved. I never think of telling the 'victim' about it neither. Who knows this might in turn affecting their friendship?

So what do friends mean? Protection. You protect me, I protect you. Isn't it?

Perhaps when we know our friends are protecting us, we trust them wholly. We believe in them. Personally, I have a friend who is treating me this way. He tends to protect me not knowing whether I'm the one wrong. Hence, it maybe true that our opinion are different many times, but I never hesitate to address him as friend loudly. He is certainly not a person who can always do things the right way, but I never doubt his doings for I fully trust him to do good.

People who declare themselves friendless, not necessary do not have friends. It is a matter that they do not treasure friends nor trust them. Sometimes in our life, we do not question friends but simply accepting their thoughts. We trust their decision because we know there are reasons behind it. Some friends are hot temper, some are mild. No matter who they are, they all know how to walk themselves. We are not someone to chain them around. Isn't it?

Thus, everyone have friends =)

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weihao said...

ops~ just realize having the same post wif u.. after complete writing it.. >.<.. is about decision..@@"..dun angry me ya..:)

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