Easy to get along

A guy called me just now and he said, "Let's dine~"
I was wondering, "Who is this?"

Actually, he was someone I met during my working days last month. Yet I was glad to be remembered and to be called up with although we met only once. I doubt everyone deserve a treat like that =P

It is important to present good impression always. To measure that, people should be looking forward to meet us again once we departed. In fact, outsiders like them can see if we are treating them without intention or taking on their advantage. Towards those who have powers or authorities, this issue become even more sensitive. Hence, never assume that they don't know what we think or want.

So why not treating them with no bias thought. Do not be a 'chak hai zai' (being insincere but just to please them) although this may many times gain their pleasure. Bible says 'A pure heart can win a king's trust'.

Thanks to this, when my internship ends, everyone that I know in the working site actually urged me to visit them whenever I'm free. I did it once last month and they demanded for a second time with a better treat^^

As conclusion, this pure heart practice is important especially when we are entering into new worlds. Never give up =)


kenwooi said...

glad you enjoyed your intern =)


9PEK9BO said...

Yea, so true..people can easily see through any insincerity because our body language speaks louder than our words.

Leo, you're one well guided pleasant young man whom many will be glad to meet.

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