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I would like to thank Aries for awarding my site as beautiful. Indeed, flipping through my previous posts has made me recalled those happy days of my life^^ Like others, I prefer stating only happy moments where they shall forever abide.

In fact, there are people who express only sad feelings and mourns in their blogs. Hence when readers read it, they sympathize them. This way, readers hardly notice writers' happy moments because they never state them. However, human can never carry on without happiness because continuous sadness only results suicide action.

Personally, I don't wish to declare my sadness for I know those who care for me would know I'm sad even without me telling them. Nevertheless, the Golden Rule for receiving this award demands 7 things that not many people know about me. Should I?

1- I'm always looking for someone who knows me deep. Let it be my good and bad. That's why some might be familiar with "What do you think about me?"
2- I still shed tear at this age. Last tear drop was 30Jan.
3- I make sure to repay every good deeds done to me.
4- This world is not only me.
5- *Censored
6- *Censored
7- I ask from God always and I know I must give in return.

It seems that writing these has betray my philosophy~ Haha... Anyway, they are just me in partial, not wholly. Hence, I think it's fine to leak a bit =)

I'm forwarding this award to BoonMing ^^


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