Will it be frozen?

It was understood that blogging is a way to express one's thoughts and opinions. May it be news or satisfaction towards life. However due to its publication, third party often interferes with their level of wisdom. Therefore, conflict may arises.

Disagreement results debate. Lacking of trust results argument.

In fact, most people think they can understand others entirely, thus judging us through random sources. Especially when they feel unsecured, they unintentionally sabotage the whole relationship. Then the witty part is, they will claim that we are the one who sabotaged them at the end of the day which actually all things started due to their lacking of trust.

It is true when someone says 'we can't trust a person wholly'. However, it is also true when we say trusting friends is absolute. We are spiritually babe if we cannot differentiate when to trust or not.

'A picture speaks a thousand words' because different individual interprets differently, based on their knowledge and wisdom. Same goes to a post by inspiration. Those who feel being condemned are those who feel guilty reading it.

If a post is to condemn, isn't it naming the opponent more effective?

All in all, it should be known that apology is not necessarily done only when we are wrong but it made a fullstop to an unfortunate event. Thus never think we are right when someone is willing apologize to us =) May it the chance for others to witness our beauty or our ugliness...

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