Mister Potato Fiesta for Me

I opened my mail box today and found something nice. It is an invitation to Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 by Nuffnang^^
In fact, I was wondering if my post is interesting enough to be among top 50. Well, saying this definitely means by only being top 50 will win this invitation and the top 3 who will win cash will be announced on spot^^ Should I go? Should I not?

Actually, I'm not having confident with my post =P Hahaha~ Somehow, let's rock!

-Okay, it is time for additional Craps-

Last Sunday, I was invited to Project500 conference with a hope for a new Netbook to be lucky drawn but that was a little out of luck XD However, I've made new friends who were graduated from Ktar. I'm the youngest among them =P The reason for not posting about our Project500 event is that, organizers want it to be a secret until the beginning of next year.

Okay, some hints about Project500. They want us to be the critics of something... Something...

Anyway, these are the friends that I've made.
Me, Johnson, Diane and Edward.

It's indeed nice to have our days packed with various kind of events and interesting trips.

PS: Still, I've no idea where that Inspiron13 gone to =(

1 comment:

leo7_lion said...

I've just found that I've some spelling mistake in my participating post XD Argh!!!

But still, getting in to top 50 is funny!!!

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