Dota - Black Arachnia, Broodmother Guide

This hero is easy. It is fast in its Web Spin meanwhile turning invisible. It slows the movement of your opponents with her bites. In addition, she can calls spiderlings that easily destroy towers. Thus, it is easy for you to own the game.

Depending on your opponent, I suggest learning Spin Web(2nd Skill) first if they are far range dealers. This is to keep yourself safe due to its low health point. If they were to be melee, learn Spawn Spiderlings(1st skill) instead which acts as a damaging skill. Let Incapacitating Bite(3rd skill) a second skill to be focused. It will comprehend with Spin Web or Spawn Spiderlings to kill opponents. Ultimate, Insatiable Hunger. You can always spam this fast cooldown skill while chasing or killing an opponent. It is very damaging.

Basically, the key items for Broodmother is BattleFury. Nevertheless, you'll have to build it by stage. You don't have to waste golds on health draining items since you have your ultimate skill already. First, prepare yourself a Wraith Band. Then, Claymore and Broad Sword before Perseverance. It is better to have a faster attack speed too. Thus, get Butterfly or Hyperstone. [Back to Menu]

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Eldy said...

lai lai, I use earthshaker ^^

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