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This website generates traffic effectively by promoting us to the others. As consequence, we will have to visit them too. It is never time consuming if we can manage the view well. Please observe how I've done it.

When I'm busy, I run the surfing at the back of my work since it never state we must read through every page. Remember, the traffic is one to one. If we surf 1 page, we will be returned once. Normally, I surfed 300 pages a day thus I receive 280++ visit return. The 20++ is probably gone due to the miss click of readers =.= Too bad...

If you have no idea how to surf, go to the homepage where you can see the 2 bars looks like below. Click on them to start surfing.

^^Have a nice day^^
~And remember to register your personal site before surfing~

-You can keep this page for your friends to try it out as well-

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