Dota - Ezalor, The Light Keeper Guide

This hero can earns gold faster than anyone else. The main disadvantage of his skill is the channeling time where opponent gains sufficient time to escape.

He should masters both Illuminate(1st skill) and Chakra Magic(3rd skill) first even if he reaches Lv6 and above. The learning goes by Slot in Mana Leak(2nd level) at early game only when your lane is wide enough for opponent to move. Meaning by it is not really necessary in middle lane. He may need to spam Illuminate to stop heroes from farming. Ultimate, Spirit Form can helps you kills your opponent but the skill is good control.

His key items are Dragon then Guinsoo. You can try Lothar Edge before Guinsoo to hide your channeling. Basic items is 3 mantle of intelligent instead of Null Talisman. Don't waste money on Null Talisman.

This hero is fun using. [Back to Menu]

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