Dota - Bone Clinkz, The Bone Fletcher Guide

This hero needs to farm well since the beginning. Meanwhile, you have extreme advantage when your opponent never get to see invisible object. It is to say that, the key to kill a Bone Fletcher is to obtain true sight before he actually farm enough.

Master Searing Arrow(2nd skill) and Wind Walk(3rd skill) before Strafe(1st skill). They are to help you damage hero and escape. Certain player can learn Strafe in the intern if they can control the game well. Ultimate, Death Pact is least concern for it is a healing.

Bone Fletcher cannot die often. Prepare him Wraith Band then go for Monkey King Bar before Buriza. Since his health point is low, get him Heart of Tarrasque. Remember not to erase his orb effect.

This hero is easy to control yet easy to die. Thus be watchful. [Back to Menu]

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